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LOOK BOOK【vo.02】デイリーヨガレギンス ヨガウェア コーディネート - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

LOOK BOOK【vo.02】Daily Yoga Leggings Yoga Wear Coordination

By yoga brand Loopa Loopa Ambassador & Friends
Double strap camisole with cups and Introducing the recommended coordination of camisole with cups .

A yoga top with a long length that makes your style look beautiful. Comes with a bra cup, so you can wear it alone and comfortably.


Ambassador RIKA
Yoga Instructor

Camisole with cups
Camisole: M



On 6/5, I performed at the yoga fashion show, the biggest yoga event in Miyazaki Prefecture, with cool yoga wear from LOOPA.

It was my first time seeing him perform yoga on stage, so I was a little nervous, but on the day of the event, I was very nervous, and I felt the charm of the wonderful clothes and myself. I think I was able to pull out the



Ambassador asuka.yogi asuka.yogi
Yoga instructor

Camisole with cups
Camisole: M



It's very hot in Nagoya today. What's the weather like where you live?
When it comes to fitness fashion, you want to wear clothes that satisfy both functional aspects such as comfort and water absorbency, as well as fashion aspects that make you look cool and slim.

The bra top camisole from LOOPA is recommended.
It has a smooth texture that won't stick to your skin even when you sweat.
Isn't the cross on your back cool? ! 😁
On the 3rd photo, you can rest assured that your chest area won't be visible even when you're active♪
It's also recommended for those looking for understated clothing. .
The 4th pair of yoga leggings are bi-colored and look slim.
Yoga wear for hot yoga is also recommended!

Friends ALYSSA @yogalyssa_fitness
Fitness coach and mom

Double strap camisole with cups
Camisole: MWear size

------------- -------


I'm going to start running again with a nice spring-colored top

We value the idea of ​​a one-of-a-kind design, and put SDGs and environmental conservation first. Practicing craftsmanship✨

We pursue craftsmanship that makes the most of hand dyeing and the characteristics of materials without mass production.

When I tried it on, I realized that it was made with care😌💗

I immediately tried yoga and working out.


Friends Akiha @akiha.yg
Yoga instructor/acupuncturist


Double strap camisole with cups
Camisole: M


The bright pink color is perfect for a gentle atmosphere. Paired with black leggings, the balance is good and you can show off your style.

Friends sa___ya @sa___yastretch
Yoga Instructor

Double strap camisole with cups
Camisole: M



I wear yoga wear almost every day☺️

Wear for stretching
wear for teaching Pilates
wear for the gym

My focus is ease of movement and increased tension! ! ❣️

Both are
Loopa wear 👏👏👏

Tops today✨✨
Even if you don't wear a sports bra
Pat Comes with one piece 🆗👌

The fabric is thick and sturdy
The length is also long
so you don't have to roll up your stomach☺️

It makes me want to move 🏃‍♀️


How was it

LOOPA's camisole features a technical fabric that absorbs water and dries quickly, does not get stuffy, and is highly durable and stretchy. It has excellent functionality and design, making it ideal not only for yoga and sports but also for daily use.
Please try it.

by 《KAORI》

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