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First purchase 15 % OFF

Technical Materials

With functions such as water absorption, quick-drying, UV cut, etc.
Functional material wear suitable for active indoor and outdoor sports

Recommended for: Active yoga / Hot yogaTrainingDaily Wear

  • [Loopa] ルーパ デイリーヨガレギンス daily yoga leggings - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア
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    [Loopa] Loopa Daily Yoga Leggings

    Original price $35.00
    Current price $29.00

    Loopa Daily Yoga Leggings / Yoga Pants Bottoms M L Smooth to the touch and soft to the touch, these leggings are a staple in yoga wear. These le...

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  • [Loopa] Loopa Back Cross V-Neck Tunic


    LOOPA Back Cross V-Neck Tunic / Yoga Wear Tops 21FW T-shirt Short Sleeve Water Absorption Quick Dry Water-absorbing, quick-drying top for easy st...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ 3D着圧美脚レギンス|コンプレッション 3D compression leggings / ヨガパンツ ボトムス ヨガウェア 21FW.

    [Loopa] Loopa 3D Compression Leggings


    Loopa 3D Compression Leggings / Compression / Yoga Pants Bottoms M L XL Pleasant compression 3D compression leggings for beautiful legs and butt...

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  • [Loopa] 七分袖ロングTee / ヨガウェア Tシャツ トップス - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

    [Loopa] 3/4 Sleeve Long Tee


    [Loopa] 3/4 Sleeve Long Tee / Yoga Wear T-Shirt Top M Stretch T-shirt made of contact-cooling material for a comfortable fit. A T-shirt in a basic...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ カップ付き キャミソール / ヨガウェア ヨガトップス ブラトップ インナー 22SS - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

    [Loopa] Loopa Camisole w/Cups / camisole


    Loopa Cupped Camisole / yoga wear, yoga tops, bra tops, inner wear A beautiful support camisole in a single piece with an attractive back style. A ...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ コンフォートヨガチュニック / ヨガウェア トップス 21FW Tシャツ 半袖 吸水速乾.
    Save 11%

    [Loopa] Loopa Comfort Yoga Tunic

    Original price $35.00
    Current price $31.00

    LOOPA Comfort Yoga Tunic / Yoga Wear Tops 21FW T-shirt Short Sleeve Water Absorption Quick Dry A quick-drying, water-absorbing tunic that lets you...

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  • [Loopa] Double Strap Camisole w/Cups / double strap camisole


    Loopa Double-Strap Camisole with Cups / Yoga Wear, Yoga Tops, Bra Tops, Innerwear A beautiful supportive camisole with a back style. A yoga top wit...

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  • [Loopa] ヨガチュニック / ヨガウェア Tシャツ トップス 半袖 21FW.
    Save 9%

    [Loopa] Yoga Tunic yoga tunic

    Original price $43.00
    Current price $39.00

    LOOPA] yoga tunic, yoga wear, T-shirt top, short sleeves, M Long tunic T-shirt with fashionable back opening Long tunic made of recycled material w...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ エッセンシャルヨガトップス / ヨガウェア トップス Tシャツ 21FW 半袖 吸水速乾.

    [Loopa] Loopa Essential Yoga Tops


    LOOPA Essential Yoga Tops / yoga wear T-shirt, short sleeves, water absorbent, quick drying A comfortable yoga top that keeps you dry and comforta...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ ジョガーパンツ Jogger pants - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア
    Save 12%

    [Loopa] Loopa Jogger Pants Jogger pants

    Original price $41.00
    Current price $36.00

    Loopa Jogger pants / Women's yoga pants, yoga wear, yoga bottoms, S M L XL Stylish jogger pants for both run and town About the product features Sl...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ ルーシュ ヨガ チュニック ruche yoga tunic Tシャツ ヨガトップス / ヨガウェア 21FW.

    [Loopa] Ruche Yoga Tunic ruche yoga tunic


    Loopa] Ruche Yoga Tunic / Yoga Wear Tops T-Shirt M Tunic top with a smooth, high quality feel Tunic-length T-shirt with a soft and silky feel. The ...

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  • [特別SALE][Loopa] ルーパ ヨガ ダブルクロス ワークアウト ブラトップ / ヨガトップス スポーツブラ [A].
    Save 10%