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[Loopa] Arabian Pants Arabian Yoga Pants Yoga Pants

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SKU 101100026-101-M-2
color: A High Waist - Black

Loopa Arabian Yoga Pants / Bottoms M L

Luxurious adult bottoms with a wide flare that sways with every movement.

Beautiful silhouette wide pants with 360-degree elegance. The flared line gently extends from the base of the leg, creating a mature and elegant silhouette. The material does not spread out too much and does not hinder movement during a workout. The fold-over waist covers the waistband. The folded waist covers the waistband to give the appearance of compact hips. Made of stretch fabric with excellent elasticity that feels soft against the skin and has a silky sheen and feel that gives it a luxurious feel.

About the product features

Elegant 360-degree beautiful silhouette wide pants
Mature and elegant silhouette with a gentle spread from the base of the leg, not too wide and not restricting movement
You can choose between a high-waist type and a folded-back waist type! The thick waistband covers your waist.
Stretch fabric with excellent elasticity and a silky sheen and feel for a luxurious feel


Height 170cm [M size/72cm]. You can wear it with room around the waist. The inseam length is just right for both fitness and town wear. The shorter 69cm length may be worn with leg warmers or other garments inside!

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[*Caution on how to select inseam size]
Example: If you would like a high-waist type M size inseam of 69cm, please select <>.
Example: If you would like a B-2WAY type M size inseam of 73cm, please select <>.

■The above sizes are flat sizes.
* Depending on the product, there may be a slight error (1 to 2 cm) from the displayed dimensions.

[Material] 90% rayon, 10% polyurethane
[Country of origin] Indonesia/China

Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink by 1-2 cm when it gets wet during washing.
(Washing machine/dryer OK)