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[LOOPA] Louper Mesh Switching One Piece / Short Sleeve Yoga Tops Yoga Wear Rush Guard [A] 20_1

SKU 101100041-001-M
Color: black

LOOPA (Lupa) Lupa Mesh Switching One Piece / Short Sleeve Yoga Tops Yoga Wear Rush Guard M

A comfortable quick -drying dress even if you sweat lightly and lightly

A short sleeve dress with a smooth touch like a swimsuit. Because it is a quick -drying material with a UV cut function, it is dry and comfortable even if you sweat. The upper part of the sleeve and the back are made of mesh material, so the breathability is also improved. It is a very good stretched stretch material that can be worn easily after yoga and training. The legs are good with slits, and beautiful leg effects can be made by making a difference in front and rear lengths. Because it is oversized, it is recommended as a one -mile wear that you can easily wear without picking up your body line.

About product features

Mesh switch from the upper sleeve to the back
A relaxed silhouette that can also cover the body shape
5 minutes sleeve that covers the upper arm
Easy to move with slits
Beautiful leg effect by making a difference in the front and rear lengths
Very stretched stretch material
Slimy quick -drying material


I often use it for training and going out on hot days because it doesn't sticky even if I'm sweating. Anyway, it is easy because the style is decided just by wearing it. I am glad that you can wear it regardless of body shape because it is a stretch material that stretches well.

Loopa's yoga wear and mesh switching dress is a new ladywear of 2021 Spring / Summer (21SS). A short -sleeved T -shirt dress for women (ladies), which features a loose silhouette that can also cover the body shape. Simple and stylish plain designs are used as one -mileage for daily use, such as gyms and yoga, and shopping, not only for lilic styles such as loungewear. It is a quick -drying material such as a swimsuit with a UV -cut function, and is also used as a rash guard during marine sports such as the sea and pools. Enhanced breathability by switching mesh.


(Materials) Body: 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane; Mesh: 90% nylon, 10% polyurethane
[Country of origin] Indonesia

■The size above is the flat size.
■Because it is made of stretchy material, please consider that it will be about 5-10cm longer than the above size when laid flat.


When cleaning, turn it inside out and wash it in cold water on the low setting in the washing machine.
When drying, hang it up and let it dry naturally.
Avoid ironing and using detergents containing bleach.

We recommend using a cleaning net for long-lasting use.