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[LOOPA] V neckdolman Tee / Short Sleeve T -shirt Yoga wear

SKU 101100056-001-M
Color: black

LOOPA (Lupa) V neckdolman TEE / Short Sleeve Sleeve T -shirt Yoga wear

A versatile wear that can be widely used from sports scenes to daily

A dolman T -shirt that can be used widely from sports scenes to daily. One piece that is packed with elements that cover the part of the upper body in the V -neck dolman sleeve. The 4WAY stretch does not hinder any movement, the hem fits perfectly, and it is safe without taking a reverse pose such as down andog. Browsing around the waist can cover the stomach. It is a tops that can be worn in a well -balanced manner regardless of height, as it can be worn even if the length is raised or stretched.

About product features

Body cover with a feeling of length that hides the buttocks
Width width from sports scene to daily
The hem is perfect and relieved without poses such as a toundock
Hide your stomach
Cover the upper arm
I can't see the inside even if I bend ⅴ Neck


The hem fits the body, so there is no need to worry about it, and yoga practices can be concentrated more comfortably. It is a piece that makes you want to wear a silk -like feel.

Loupa's "V-neck Dolman TEE (V-Neck Dolmarin T-Shirt)" is a 22FW new ladies yoga wear. A short sleeve that can cover the upper arm with a relaxed feeling, a long -length T -shirt that hides the buttocks. Stretching quick -drying materials are also recommended for sportswear such as fitness, Pilates, and training. A plain simple tunic that blends well with daily. It is a stylish piece with a good skin with a back open design while covering the body shape.


M size [9-11]
Length 75 / Bust Circumference 110 / Bottom Width 42 / Shoulder Width 63
[Material] 90% rayon, 10% polyurethane

■The size above is the flat size.
■Because it is made of stretchy material, please consider that it will be about 5-10cm longer than the above size when laid flat.


"Please use a neutral detergent.
We recommend using a cleaning net for long-lasting use.