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[Loopa] Y-back Yoga tank top dyed pattern

SKU 101100200-038-M
color: blue curacao

Loopa Y-back Tank Top with Batik Pattern / Yoga Wear Tops M L

A magical tank top with a Y-back design that allows you to move your shoulders easily and shows off your hips.

The Y-back design allows you to work out without disturbing the movement of your shoulder blades. The side shirring adjusts the length of the garment to cover the waist and hip line for a sleek look. The lightly DRY rayon material has a silky smoothness and feel. It does not stick to the skin even when sweating, keeping you dry and comfortable.

About the product features

Y-back that does not interfere with shoulder blade movement, allowing you to focus on muscle training and workout
Side shirring allows for adjustable length
Covers the waist and hip line for a sleek look
DRY rayon material with a silky smoothness and feel
Keeps you comfortable and dry without stickiness even when sweating


It is easy to move around. This tank top gives you a beautiful back view. The cushioned hemline hides a flabby belly.

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M size: Length 67cm/Chest width 38cm/Width 42-52cm/Japan size 7-11/
L size: Length 70cm/Chest width 40cm/Width 46-56cm/Japan size 11-13/

■The above sizes are flat sizes.
■Because it is made of stretchy material, please consider that it will be about 5-10cm longer than the above size when laid flat.

90% rayon, 10% polyurethane

Fit: Regular
Thickness: ★★☆☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Cup: None

[Country of origin] Indonesia


This product is dyed using a special method (batik/batik). The color may fade, so we recommend washing separately from other clothes for the first 1-2 times.


This product has the property of stretching when it gets wet, so please refrain from using it in sports where you will sweat a lot or where there is a risk of getting wet (hot yoga, swimming, etc.). In addition, when washing, it may feel stretched, but please rest assured that it will return to its original shape when it dries.