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[LOOPA] Shrag Cardigan Yoga SHRUG CARDIGAN Outer / Yoga Wear Yoga Tops [A] 10_1

SKU 101100207-001-M
Color: black

"LOOPA" Shrag Cardigan Outer / Yoga Wear Tops? M

A 7 -minute sleeve cardde that can be worn quickly and prevents the shoulders and arms cold, wears all seasons

It is a versatile 7 -minute sleeve shullag that offers elegant style. It is a cardigan that is perfect for lesson warm -up wear, such as warming the shoulders and arms that are easy to cool down. Stretch material with excellent elasticity that sticks to the skin. The silk -like gloss and touch create a luxurious sense, creating a beautiful silhouette that is less likely to wrinkle. A 7 -minute sleeve with a light impression that makes the arm look slender, and the short length like bolero is higher than the waistline, so it shows the waist clearly.

About product features

Elegant style available 7 -minute sleeve shulag
Cardigan ideal for lesson warm -up wear
Stretch material with excellent silk gloss and touch creates a luxurious sense and is less likely to wrinkle, and has excellent elasticity.
A 7 -minute sleeve that makes the arm slender and a short length like a bolero that shows the waist neatly


He is 170cm tall and usually No. 9. Because it is a compact silhouette and elastic material, the shoulders and arms fit, and there was no feeling that the shoulders were removed even when yoga poses.
The calm color variations are easy to coordinate with bright colors and pattern clothing and are useful for worn!

Loupayo Wear LOOPA Yoga Tops Yoga Top Shalling His Style Up Fitness Wear Yoga Muscle Trapilate Running Maternity UV Countermeasures Outer Cold Cooling Countermeasures


M size / Length 34cm / Bust 82cm / Sleeve length 57.5cm / Japanese size 7-11 /

■The above sizes are flat sizes.

90% rayon, 10% polyurethane

Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Pocket: None

Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink by 1-2 cm when it gets wet during washing. (Washing machine/dryer OK)