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[Loopa] Front Slit Tunic Tee

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Loopa] Front slit tunic Tee / Yoga Wear Tops M

Sustainable material that feels good on the skin and is good for the environment and me

This top has a big silhouette that fashionably covers your figure. Made of eco-friendly material made from recycled PET bottles, you can easily enjoy sustainable fashion. The moderate thickness of the material is not transparent, making it an item that can be used not only for sports activities such as yoga and fitness, but also for everyday relaxing wear.

About the product features

Eco-friendly and functional wear made from recycled PET
Front slit for good leg room and ease of movement
Slim fit, yet easy to move in. Long tunic length that hides the hips.
Multi-purpose design for all seasons


This one-piece covers all the points of concern for women, such as the "arms," "flabby stomach," "piman buttocks," and "plump inner thighs. It is smooth and comfortable to wear, so I wear it not only for lessons but also for spending time in my room and going out for a short time.

Loopa Loopa yoga wear Front slit tunic Tee Front slit tunic Tee yoga tops 22SS short sleeves long length T-shirt cut and sewn eco-friendly body shape coverage no blistering sustainable deodorant absorbent water absorption quick dry tunic exercise fitness long cotton cotton cotton dry 5'' sleeve Loose-fitting Large Size Women's


■The above sizes are flat sizes.

60% cotton, 40% recycled polyester

Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Cup: None

Please use a neutral detergent.
Use a cleaning net.
Please use a pressing cloth when ironing. Also, do not use an iron on prints or labels.
Please be careful when wearing and storing this product as it may discolor if exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time.
Due to the characteristics of the fabric, pilling may occur due to friction when worn.
Due to the characteristics of the fabric, fluff may be attached to other items due to wearing or washing.