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[Loopa] Cotton Lycra Capri Yoga Trousers 2Tone

SKU 101100407-008-M
color: Eco Green - Ash Brown

Loopa Cotton Lycra Capri Yoga Trousers 2Tone / Bottoms M L

The possibilities are endless! Stretch beautiful leg capri length yoga pants

The most attractive feature of these pants is the length that allows you to wear them actively even as a single piece. The thin cotton material does not easily echo outerwear, making them convenient for layering like leggings. The excellent fit that conforms snugly to the skin accommodates intense movement, and the 360-degree, lean silhouette has been achieved. It is excellent not only for sports, but also as loungewear and innerwear. A wide range of size variations for the perfect fit for different body types and scenes. Suitable for daily wear or relaxing wear depending on the scene.

Fine-grained cotton material with a luxurious feel

High-quality stretch cotton material with thin and smooth texture

About product features

Soft cotton material
High compression for slimming effect on the legs
Fold-over waist rib
Waist and hip coverage
Excellent durability that will not lose its shape
Stretch material prevents shifting and makes any movement easy


If you fold over and stretch the waist, it will wrap around your belly with a moderate fit and is recommended for maternity wear. Can be used from pregnancy to postpartum.

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M size: Waist 58-75cm/Hip 80-100cm/Rise 20cm/Inseam 47cm/Estimated size 9-11
L size: Waist 62-79cm/Hip 84-104cm/Rise 20cm/Inseam 47cm/Estimated size 11-13

■The above sizes are flat sizes.

95% cotton, 5% polyurethane

Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Pocket: None

This product is dyed using a special method. In the unlikely event that the color may fade, we recommend washing separately from other clothes for the first 1-2 times. When cleaning, turn it inside out and wash in cold water on the gentle setting of the washing machine. Avoid using bleach. Avoid dry cleaning.
This product is made of highly elastic material. Since it stretches when it gets wet, please refrain from using it in sports where you sweat a lot or where there is a risk of getting wet (hot yoga, swimming, etc.). In addition, you may feel stretch when washing. Please be assured that it will return to its original state when it dries.