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[Loopa] 2.0 Shalwar Yoga Pants

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Loopa2.0 Shalwar Yoga Pants / Bottoms F

Loose-fitting sarouel pants that cover your "cares

Long-selling yoga pants from Loopa, our No. 1 yoga wear brand. They are made of silky smooth fabric with rich comfort. These sarouel-style pants feature a beautiful silhouette that will enhance your style even in relaxing situations.

Rich "feel" unique to the super stretch series

Stretchable and easy to move in, making yoga poses a breeze. Made of top-quality rayon, which is resistant to washing and does not fade or fade, these pants will stay beautifully clean even after repeated washing. The elasticity of the fabric allows you to wear it in two ways, by rolling up the hem to the calf.

Beautiful silhouette that covers the hips and thighs

The tapered silhouette tapers from the relaxed waist to the hem, creating a crisp line and covering "bothersome" areas from the hip line to just above the knees. The legs below the knees are sleek and slimming. The deep inseam and ample use of fabric create a rich silhouette while also covering the waist with a beautiful drape.

About the product features

Loose-fitting sarouel pants that cover up the "things that bother you
Rich "feel" unique to the superb stretch series
Beautiful silhouette that covers hips and thighs
Tapered hem for a slimmer, more flattering line
Stretchable fabric allows for a two-way look by rolling up the hem to the calf


The smooth feel of the fabric makes it perfect for loungewear as well as yoga. It also has pockets, so I recommend it for convenience stores and short walks.

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F size: total length 96 cm / waist 66 cm / hips 176 cm / length 86 cm / rise 35 cm / inseam 74 cm / hem circumference 26 cm / standard size 9-13

■The above sizes are flat sizes.

90% rayon, 10% polyester

Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Pocket: Yes

As this is a dyed product, the color may fade. We recommend washing separately from other clothes for the first 1-2 times.
Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink by 1-2 cm when it gets wet during washing. (Washing machine/dryer OK)