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[Loopa] 2in1 yoga leggings with pockets

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SKU 101901011-004-M
color: gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)

[Loopa] 2in1 Yoga Leggings Gym Leggings w/Pockets / Bottoms Gray M L XL

One piece is all you need for your bottom. Stretch leggings with pockets

About the product features

Leggings with integrated shorts (cannot be worn apart)
Long length leggings that give a clean impression all the way down to the feet
Pockets on leggings that fit snugly to the body and keep small items from shaking
Tight, wide ribbing at the waist for a slimmer waist
Flared design shorts that cover the hips and make the legs look slimmer
Comfortable to wear with excellent stretch and quick-drying function


This item is recommended for those who are not comfortable wearing only leggings. These fluffy shorts with a feminine look will cover your belly and buttocks, which are of concern, while you are training. They have excellent stretch, so any movement will not be hindered.

Women's Fitness Wear Bottoms Long Pants Tights Shorts Stretchy Quick Dry Body Shape Covering Women's Long Length Integrated Pocket Running Training Muscle Training Sports Dance Stylish


M size/Waist 63cm/Hip 72cm/Rise 27cm/Inseam 61cm/Thigh 20cm/Hem circumference 18cm/
L size/Waist 68cm/Hip 80cm/Rise 27cm/Inseam 62cm/Thigh 21cm/Hem circumference 21cm/
XL size/Waist 71cm/Hip 84cm/Rise 27cm/Inseam 63cm/Thigh 23cm/Hem circumference 22cm/

■The above sizes are flat sizes.
■Because it is made of stretchy material, please consider that it will be about 5-10cm longer than the above size when laid flat.

Gray: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane
Pink: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane
Pink: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane
Black: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane

Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Cup: None
Pocket: Yes

[Country of origin] China
[JAN Code]
M/Gray: 4589729386177
L/Gray :4589729386184
XL/Gray :4589729386191
M/Pink :4589729386207
L/Pink: 4589729386214
XL/Pink :4589729386221
M/Black :4589729386238
L/Black :4589729386245


When cleaning, turn it inside out and wash it in warm water on the low setting in the washing machine.
Please avoid tumble drying and dry cleaning.


The color may transfer to other clothing or bags due to friction (especially in wet or damp conditions), so please be careful when matching with solid colors.
When washing, it may cause color dyeing or color transfer to other clothing, so please wash it separately.
Use detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach.
After washing, do not leave it wet and dry it immediately. Avoid tumble drying and let it dry naturally.
Please note that there may be some shrinkage and shape loss after washing.
If you expose it to strong sunlight or lighting for a long time, it may cause discoloration, so please store it in a dark place.