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[Loopa] Natural fit breast enhancement pad Natural fit Bra Pad

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SKU 106100091-001

Loopa Natural Fit Breast Enhancement Pad

Creates a beautiful bust line and naturally increases volume

Product Features

Bra pad that can be used with the No.1 popular natural fit bra cups and your existing bras
The surface (cup side) is made of silicone material, so simply lay it over the cups to prevent shifting
The back side (bust side) is soft to the touch.
The elasticity of the silicone increases volume and creates a natural beautiful form

Product Features
I use it when my chest is visible, such as when wearing light summer clothes or a dress for an after-party at a wedding. I am happy to set the pads on the outside to create a natural cleavage.

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Width x Height / 13 x 8 cm
Thickness 1.5 cm

Cup side: Silicon
Bust side: Polyester

Hand wash gently with lukewarm water.
Press and wring it out and dry it in the shade.