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[Loopa] Back Crossbelt Seamless Bra Top

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SKU 106901009-005-XL
color: green

[Loopa] Back Crossbelt Seamless Bra Top Sports Bra / Bra Top Black M L XL

Soft fit yet firm support.

About the product features

Racer back design for ease of movement without restricting back movement
Wide straps with stylish color switching
Soft, stretchy material with good elongation
Soft fit recommended as a night bra, relax bra, or junior bra
Seamless and no stiffness
Cotton blend for a gentle feel on the skin
Removable interlocking cups to prevent shifting


I wear it for yoga. It is stretchable without being constrictive, so I don't feel suffocated during difficult poses. The wide undergarments and straps support the bust well, so I can concentrate on my practice without worrying about shifting or swaying.

Women's Yoga Wear Bra Top with Cups Sports Bra Bralette Inner Fitness Training Women's Cotton Stretch Sweat Absorbing Fashionable Gym Strength Training Dance Junior Bra Non-wire


M size / Bust (top) 66cm / Bust (under) 58cm / Length 27cm / Hem circumference 58cm /
L size/Bust (top) 68cm/Bust (under) 60cm/Length 28cm/Hem circumference 60cm/
XL size/Bust (top) 72cm/Bust (under) 66cm/Length 29cm/Hem circumference 66cm/

■The above sizes are flat sizes.
■Because it is made of stretchy material, please consider that it will be about 5-10cm longer than the above size when laid flat.

Pink: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane
Green: 95% cotton 5% polyurethane
Black: 95% cotton 5% polyurethane
Gray: 95% cotton 5% polyurethane

Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Cup: Yes
Pocket: None

[Country of origin] China
[JAN code]
M / pink: 4589729386313
L/Pink: 4589729386320
M/Green: 4589729386337
L/Green: 4589729386344
XL/Green: 4589729386351
M/Black: 4589729386368
L/Black: 4589729386375
M/Gray :4589729386399
L/Gray: 4589729386405
XL/Gray :4589729386412


When cleaning, turn it inside out and wash it in warm water on the low setting in the washing machine.
Please avoid tumble drying and dry cleaning.


The color may transfer to other clothing or bags due to friction (especially in wet or damp conditions), so please be careful when matching with solid colors.
When washing, it may cause color dyeing or color transfer to other clothing, so please wash it separately.
Use detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach.
After washing, do not leave it wet and dry it immediately. Avoid tumble drying and let it dry naturally.
Please note that there may be some shrinkage and shape loss after washing.
If you expose it to strong sunlight or lighting for a long time, it may cause discoloration, so please store it in a dark place.
For products with bra pads, please remove the bra pads when washing to prevent them from losing their shape.