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[NeilMed] Sinus Rinse Starter Kit (bottle + 10 packets)

SKU 304302005-001-F

[NeilMed] Sinus Rinse Starter Kit (Bottle + 10 packets) /? Health Care Products Cleaning Bottle Cleaning Agent Nasal Rinse Nasal Gargle Cold Prevention Anti-Virus Health Care Hay Fever Influenza Prevention Anti Allergy Rhinitis Yoga Meditation

Nasal rinse with a cleaning solution that is close to body fluid and does not cause congestion.

A nasal gargle cleanser that uses only saline solution with no side effects. Since it is close to human body fluid, it does not cause nasal congestion, and it contains no preservatives or fragrance, making it safe for use by pregnant and nursing mothers. By using the bottle to pour the cleaning solution into the nose, it washes away dust, dirt, and pollen in the nasal passages. The use-up type sachet (10 times) makes it easy to carry to work or travel. Recommended for hay fever, allergic rhinitis symptom relief, colds, flu, and other viral countermeasures.

About product features

Starter kit of nasal rinse (nasal gargle) cleaning bottle and cleaning agent, ideal for trial use.
The cleaning solution is made with saline solution, which is close to body fluid, and gently and thoroughly cleanses the nasal passages without causing "stuffiness" in the back of the nose.
No preservatives or fragrances are added, making it safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.
Pre-prepared 10-serving sachets are easy and convenient to use.
Recommended for hay fever, allergic rhinitis symptom relief, colds, flu, and other viral countermeasures.


Nasal gargle is recommended as a preventive measure against influenza and pollen. The use of a special cleaning bottle and cleaning agent enhances the preventive effect of nasal gargling. The washing liquid is made from saline solution, which is close to body fluid, so it does not cause nasal congestion, and it contains no preservatives or fragrance, so it is safe to use for pregnant and lactating women.

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Product name: Sinus rinse starter kit 10 packs SRK10
Set contents: 240mL washing bottle, 10 mixed sachets, Japanese instruction manual
Country of Origin: United States Neilmed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Notification number: 13B3X10188000001
Category: General medical equipment Nasal irrigator Health
Advertisement responsibility: Airox Co., Ltd. [TEL] 03-6821-3503

[Size] 6.4cmx7.4cmx16.5cm (width x depth x height), Contents: 10 packs
[Bottle] Body: Low-density polyethylene, Tube: Silicon, Cap: Polypropylene
[Sachet] 96% sodium chloride, 4% sodium bicarbonate

[Country of origin] United States
[JAN code]
Sinus rinse starter kit (bottle + 10 packets): 0705928003088


[Important] Do not use if you have otitis media. / Boil tap water and cool before using.
1. Please check the bottle for scratches or defects before use.
2. If you feel pain, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.
3. If the nose and ears are severely irritated, please consult a specialist before use.
4. Those who have undergone nose or ear surgery should consult their doctor.
5.Keep out of reach of children.
6. Be sure to use the prepared sachet in Neilmed's exclusive bottle container.
7. Adjust the temperature of purified water or boiled water to the temperature of human skin before use.
8. Do not share the bottle container with others as it may be infected.
9. Store the bottle container in a clean place and replace it every 3 months for hygiene.
10. Do not blow your nose hard after use.
11. The cleaning fluid remaining in the nasal cavity may flow out a little after a while.

1. Open the cap of the bottle.
2. Boil the tap water and cool it to body temperature (36℃). Prepare purified water and warm it to body temperature (36℃). (Range can also be used)
3. Put the powder (1 package) in 240 mL of purified water (boiled water) that has reached the appropriate temperature and dissolve it completely to make a cleaning solution.
4. Securely attach the cap to the bottle.
5. Lower your head and slowly squeeze the bottle while breathing through your mouth, and the cleaning liquid will flow out from the other nostril.
6. Use the remaining half of the cleaning solution and do the same work from the other nostril. Finally, gently blow your nose.

Bottle cleaning and maintenance method
1. After use, discard the remaining cleaning solution and wash the bottle, cap and tube under running water.
2. Fill the bottle with water and shake the capped bottle vigorously. * At this time, hold the tip of the cap with your finger so that the water inside does not fly out.
3. Squeeze the bottle hard and wash the inside of the tube and cap. Make sure that the ingredients of the sachet (salt) do not remain in the bottle. *Cover the tip of the cap with your palm to prevent water from splashing.
4. Empty the bottle, remove the cap, and use a glass stand for draining water to dry each one so that no water remains. If it is very dirty, fill the bottle with water, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent, and wash it in step 3. After washing, rinse thoroughly so that no detergent ingredients remain.
*Periodically, we recommend sterilizing in the microwave. Heat the dry bottle and cap in the microwave at 500-600w for 60 seconds.