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[LOOPA] Front slit tunic TEE yoga tops / yoga wear

SKU 101100214-101-M
Color: black

"LOOPA" Front Slit Tunic TEE / Yoga Wear Tops

Sustainable material that is nice for me and a nice touch

Big silhouette is a tops that allows you to cover your body shape. It is made of eco -friendly recycling plastic bottle, making it easy to enjoy sustainable fashion. It is an item that can be used widely not only for sports scenes such as yoga and fitness, but also for everyday relaxation wear, as well as moderate thickness.

About product features

Clear that combines eco -friendly and functionality made from recycling PET
It is easy to move with foot rolling with the slit of the front desk
A long tunic length that hides the hips that are easy to move, even though it looks fine
Multi design that plays an active part in all seasons


Points that are worrisome for women, "Kimono meat of the upper arm", "poccoli tummy", "peppers ass", "pepper inside", covers all of these. The comfort is smooth and comfortable, so I wear it not only when I spend my time in my room and a little outing.

Lupa Loopa Yoga Wear Front Slit Tunic TEE FRONT SLIT SLIT TUNIC TEE Yoga Tops 22SS Short Sleeve Long Long Length T -shirt Cut Saw Eco Saw Eco Sustainable Sustainable Deodorant Fast Deodorant Fast Dry Tunes Fitness Long Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Dry 5 Sleep Sleeys Large Sleeping Lady Sleeys Large Sleep Sleep Sleeys Large Sleep Sleep Sleeping Sleeping Large Sleeping Ladies Large Sleeping Ladies Large.


■The above sizes are flat sizes.

60% cotton, 40% recycled polyester

Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Cup: None

Please use a neutral detergent.
Use a cleaning net.
Please use a pressing cloth when ironing. Also, do not use an iron on prints or labels.
Please be careful when wearing and storing this product as it may discolor if exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time.
Due to the characteristics of the fabric, pilling may occur due to friction when worn.
Due to the characteristics of the fabric, fluff may be attached to other items due to wearing or washing.