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[Himalayan Chandra] Neti Salt

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[Himalayan Chandra] Neti Salt /? Health Care Products Nasal Rinse Nasal Gargle Cleaning Pot Yoga Meditation

Nasal gargle cleaning agent for cold, pollen, and influenza countermeasures.

About product features

A cleaning agent exclusively for nasal gargle. By pouring the cleaning solution into the nose using the special Neti Pot (sold separately), dust, dirt, and pollen in the nasal passages are washed away. Sodium chloride is 99.99% pure, equivalent to pharmaceutical quality, and contains no additives or coagulants. 300 or more nasal rinses can be performed with a single bottle. One bottle can perform more than 300 nasal rinses. By flushing impurities and excess mucus out of the body, it also makes nasal breathing during yoga and meditation more comfortable. Recommended for hay fever, allergic rhinitis, colds, flu, and other viruses.

Pot sold separately.
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Nasal gargling is recommended as a preventive measure against influenza and pollen. Use of a special cleaning agent enhances the preventive effect of nasal gargling.

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[Size] Diameter: Approx. 7cm, Height: Approx. 8cm, Contents: 340.2g
[Material] Sodium chloride of pharmaceutical quality (99.99% purity, no iodine added)

[Country of origin]
[JAN code]
F / Neti Salt: 0652865600071

Add 240ml of hot water (approximately 36°C) and a spoonful of Neti Salt to a Neti Pot (sold separately) and dissolve.
When using for the first time, please purchase together with "Neti Pot". Furthermore, by using "Neti Wash" plus, you can further enhance the preventive effect of nasal irrigation.

If you have severe nose/ear inflammation or nasal congestion, please consult a specialist before use.
If you experience pain, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.
Do not share with others.
After use, be sure to wash and keep it clean without leaving any moisture.
Keep out of reach of children.