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Tibetan tingsha, plain / dark gold (69-70mm)

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SKU 401323004-003-F
color: Plain / Dark gold

Tibetan Tingshaws (69-70mm) Tibet Tingshaws / Relaxation Products Plain Meditation Purification Healing Goods / Dark Gold 20FW

Tibetan bells for yoga and meditation


The sound is very nice and soothing. I have used them in my yoga classes and they have been very well received.

Sundries Relaxation Goods Meditation Healing Mindfulness Yoga Purification Meditation Bell Shavasana Corpse Pose Tibetan Bell Tibetan Buddhism Tibetan Buddhist Esoteric Buddhist Instruments Brass Mystery Mantra Chanting


[Material] Plain/Dark Gold: Metal, (Handle) Leather

[Country of origin] Tibet
[JAN Code]
F/Plain/Dark Gold: 2200030631443


Wipe gently with a soft cloth.


This product is handmade. Each product has a slightly different color and size, and each has a different tone.