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Beauty Cassa (Rose Quartz) / Angel Wings

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color: Angel Wings

Aroma / Beauty - Cassa (Rose Quartz) / Cassa Angel's Wings

Compact cassa for firm massage to fine points

About product features

Massage plate that can be used for the entire body from face to body
Compact size, easy to grip, and allows for massage to the smallest details
Uses rose quartz, a natural stone well known for its ability to enhance the luck of love


This small cassa plate fits in the palm of your hand. The shape of the feather fits perfectly to the pressure points on various parts of the body. It can be used on the face, of course, but when you rub the soles of your feet, you will feel the blood circulation improve and your whole body will feel warm and fluffy. It is also recommended for people with sensitivity to cold.

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[Material] Rose quartz
[Country of origin] Brazil
[JAN Code] F/Angel Wings: 2200025682788


Because it is a natural material, there may be dents or cracks on the surface.
Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences in color and texture.
When massaging, be sure to apply oil or cream before massaging.